Reflection: Topic 3

From researching Topic 3 this week I have now understood different ways to establish an online profile how it can make an individual employable. From reading various blogs and watching a number of YouTube tutorials on online profiles, I decided to look deeply into the best ways of making an online LinkedIn profile as this is where 79% of employers use to recruit and post job ads.

Emma’s topic was one that I thoroughly enjoyed, especially how like myself she added her own personal experiences of creating an online profile. We both agreed on the how it is essential of managing your privacy settings to prevent backlash. Emma’s post highlighted that sites like LinkedIn are becoming the “new CV”. This started a discussion to which I asked if this approach would benefit the new generation to which Emma agreed, however she stated “if everyone has the same advantage, is it really an advantage” regarding on the use of online profiles.

Harry’s post was highly detailed in ways in which an authentic professional profile can be developed. He took a different approach and highlighted the steps to creating an online profile on slideshare. I decided to ask Harry if monitoring online content is very important and to remain professional at all times? Harry agreed with this point and stated that 93% of recruiters review a candidate’s social profile before hiring.

I found this topic very useful and relevant to my current situation as I am currently trying to develop my own personal profile. Harry commented on my post saying he enjoyed my use of Prezi and my Youtube video that had different steps to creating an online profile backing up my points. Harry then asked my opinion on the importance of using multimedia to make your profile visually appealing and engaging, to which I agreed as will show your personality. I then challenged this point and asked him if this becomes the norm, in the long run it won’t benefit anyone.

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