Topic 4: Reflection

Topic 4 was one I really enjoyed researching and sharing my views on. I particularly liked how open the discussion on this topic was and how it could’ve been answered in a number of different ways. I decided to focus on online privacy as I felt this was a very relevant topic in today’s world. I received a number of views and 3 comments on my post. The comments I received were positive and was praised for my clear structure and explaining the affects of the daunting issue of online identity theft. However, was slightly criticized for not going into more depth on how online identity theft directly affects businesses.

When reading my peers work I received greater insight into the topic from seeing the issues on online privacy from their point of view. Chris’s blog post was one that stood out to me for a number of reasons. His post was visually appealing and the use of Piktochart was incorporated very well within his blog post, a technique I will try and use in my future posts. Looking into the privacy of people with a huge online profile, Chris’s post changed my thinking on this topic starting a debate on whether people in such limelight should get used to it and understand it comes with their job.

Another blog post that caught my attention was Harry’s post on the digital divide. This topic was new to me and one I had not researched. I found this blog post clearly structured and informative. Harry’s use of graphs and statistics backed is points very well and educated me on the how the digital divide affects countries development globally. This allowed me to question whether or not the continual release of new technology is adding to the problem.

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