My Journey

As I have reached the end of my journey on the UOSM2033, it has been module that has helped me greatly in improving my online profile. I learnt a great deal on various topics from my own research as well as reading and commenting on my peers work. Ultimately this module has helped me to understand how I can use my online profile to create and find job opportunities and networking.


Through studying this module I have learnt the importance of linking all your online profiles. As you can see from the image above I have made sure that my Twitter and LinkedIN are both connected to make my online presence feel consistent.

I chose the UOSM2033 module as I saw it as an opportunity to build myself a new skill set. Blogging was something I always wanted to do, but had no idea how to start. I was faced with a number of questions whenever I wanted to start my blog. What will my content be based on? Will anyone read my blog? By taking this module I was able to overcome these blocks by receiving guidance from my module leaders.

Through studying this module, my skills have improved in ways I didn’t expect. Not only my ability to blog, but my skills of navigating on the professionally have been expanded greatly as well as understanding the importance of building your online profile. However, my path to creating the perfect blogs that reflect my thoughts on a particular topic wasn’t straight and narrow.

Below there is an info-graphic illustrating my my confidence on how I felt before and after taking this module.


As you can see from this Prezi, I have showed all the areas to where I have improved.  I now have a more active online profile and have  developed key skills such as creating original content.  I have also gained the skills of being concise and getting straight to the point when discussing my topic. Additionally, I have become familiar with tools such as Prezi and Piktochart.



In conclusion, my online profile has increased since starting this module. I am confident when using certain online tools and this has allowed me to promote myself further online.  I have enjoyed taking part in this module and will carry the skills I have gained with me into the future.


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