Reflection: Topic 2

Upon reflection, reading comments and my peers work was the best way to full grasp the topic at hand and gave me better insight. Reading my peers work gave the chance to look at the question from a range of different perspectives. When writing up my post, from reading and researching various posts I decided to use the viewpoint of companies profiting of us giving out our personal information. Like many others I also focused on the need to have multiple online identities, mainly the distinction between the personal and professional uses of an online identity. However, I didn’t feel this point answered the question entirely, therefore I decided to also focus on the deeper reasons of us having online identities.

Harry’s post was well put together and like mine focused on business profiting from us all having online identities, whether we are digital residents or visitors. Harry enlightened me to the fact that Facebook and Google sell our information onto third parties and tailors adverts to our personal data. Harry’s use of prezi to include a presentation in his blog to clearly convey his points was what I enjoyed most about his post.

The second post that I commented on was Nikhil’s post which was my favourite of all the posts that I read.  The blog was clearly structured and very easy to read. Nikhil brought to my attention of having multiple identities. The use of a real life example ‘Catfish’ a popular American television show that I’ve watched, conveyed the extremity and dangers of a person having more than one online identity.

Overall, I felt this was a very interesting topic and one I enjoyed that researching and coming to coming to my own conclusion. I was pleased with my post and points I brought forward. From reading others work I have learnt new ideas to improve my next post.

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